How To Ping Your Blog To Make More Money!

How To Ping Your Blog To Make More Money!
Have You 'Pinged' Your Blog Yet?
Do you have an ideal blog? Is it successful? Is it generating you money?
Have you 'pinged' it yet? If you have answered the first three questions with a yes but the last question with a no your blog is not as successful as it could be.
One of the most important aspects of having a blog is generating traffic to your site. Traffic is the difference between having a successful, money generating blog, and a blog which becomes little more than an expense. To generate traffic to your site you need to have a system in place.

free ping servicePinging is a vital part of that system and it's vital if you want to get more traffic to your blog.
1. So what is pinging? This is often a confusing topic prone to technical jargon. A useable definition of pinging is as follows: Pinging is a practice whereby every time you add a post to your blog a pinging service lets other blogging services know that you have added new content to your blog.
When a blogging service is alerted to your new post it will send a programme called a 'spider' or a 'bot' to rank your site. The result of the ranking will be taken into account and will affect your standing in the blogging service search engine.

2. In simple terms, pinging is a blog service that shows other web services that your blog has being up-dated. What happens next is these web services will check out your blog and index or rank it. So every time you add a new post to your blog, your blog will get a higher profile and thus you will get more traffic to your site.

3. In effect, what pinging does is that instead of your blog only being indexed or ranked sporadically, often over periods of months, your blog will be indexed or ranked every time you add a post.

4. Some websites that offer pinging services include pingmatic and pingmyblog. Pingmatic will notify most of the main website services.
5. I would recommend that you check out which website services are being notified about your blog updates. If, for example, your blog is attached to several pinging services and several notify the same web service, your blog could be regarded as spam by that web service.
So be careful. If you are at all unsure which pinging service notifies whom, the safest option is to pick one pinging service and go with that until you have more knowledge of the subject.

Two great aspects of these services is that they are both free and effective at increasing your blog's standing and generating that all important traffic. Another important aspect is that they are user friendly. You often only need to enter your blog name and URL to use many pinging services.
Others will also require your IP address to get you up and running.
Pinging your blog will dramatically improve the traffic to your site and will increase your earning potential not to mention your credibility and status. Most importantly, you will have more time to make your blog's content even better as you won't have to worry about traffic.

If you have any type of concerns relating to where and how you can use ping my website, you could call us at our own website.
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